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Tanzania – Our mission is to show the love of Jesus to the people of Tanzania. The Geita Missionary work started in 2007. We engage in discipleship and church planting, integrating compassionate ministry and sustainable development in the areas of agriculture, healthcare, education, economics, and family. The town is mostly surrounded by villages of the Sukuma, the largest people group in Tanzania, numbering an estimated 6 million. They are mostly a hospitable and passive people, known for their drumming and dancing.


Many of the Sukuma keep cattle, while millet, sorghum, cassava, and maize are their staple crops — though cotton has entered the economy as a (rather unsuccessful) cash crop of late. Geita was not of much importance again until the late 1990′s when the Tanzanian government opened its gold industry to foreign investors. Today Geita is home to the largest gold mine in Tanzania — a joint venture between South African and Ghanaian companies. Already in this century, Geita has been outfitted with electricity and a paved road, as its population has more than doubled.



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Madagascar – To train up children and adults in this culture to know and obey the living Savior and to become pillars of His church and examples of His Way among their own people, who are steeped in traditional ancestor worship. Madagascar is a country of about 21,350,000 people and the capital city of Antananarivo is about 2,000,000 people. The Malagasy people hold very strongly to their traditions. They follow ancestral worship and bury their ancestors in family tombs that are easily accessed by the family. The Malagasy people have a tradition of exhuming their ancestors and holding big parties for their ancestors while wrapping them in new burial cloths before replacing them in the family tombs. MadagascarImgThe Malagasy people have many other traditions that they follow such as the traditional circumcision, three types of Marriage, including traditional marriage, civil marriage, and church marriage. All of these types of marriage are often adhered to by the Malagasy people. Many times a Malagasy couple will be involved in all three of these marriages in a single day. The traditional marriage in the early morning. followed by the civil marriage before noon, then followed by the church wedding around noon or in the early afternoon. The culmination of the day is an elaborate marriage feast that is held for the newly married couple sometime in the afternoon.

Hope for Ukraine

Hope for Ukraine Ministries – in partnership with Mission to Ukraine, shows the love of Jesus to the poor, the cripple, the orphaned, and other marginalized and voiceless people of the Zhitomir Region of Ukraine. If you would like to help provide medical supplies, infant clothes, over the counter medications, or travel to the Ukraine to share your medical skills, your Bible knowledge, or your love for God’s children, contact Debbie Butler or Cindy Mankus for details. Link to website for Mission to Ukraine